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Ah don't suffer fools an' got no patience fer punks. Ah'll help a 'bot in need, but ya Decepticreeps better scram.

M'here ta win a war, not play nice with the multiverse.

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Bluestreak’s “I wanna fuck that” List





Kid, ya best watch yerself.


I have a mirror in my room for that purpose~



I super enjoy the vibrant colors in the Windblade comics and got some new drawing materials today so why not give Chromia some love?



Primus damn the mech, Ratchet wasn’t in a good enough frame of processor to deal with this, and he was fast loosing his ability to keep the emotions that churned inside of him at bay.

His voice was rough, low, and he had to reset his vocalizer twice before it would work properly. “Because, I’m asking you to.”

His servos clench and it’s all the veteran can do to keep himself from shouting. 

The medic was hurting, that much was obvious. Why he was trying to hide it from Ironhide, why he wouldn’t tell him just why he was hurting, was not. It fragged the war vet off.

It also made his spark clench, painfully. Did… did Ratchet not trust him? Why the Pit else would he try to keep the weapons specialist in the dark? 

Slag it.

"Damn it, Ratch. Ah don’t wanna let this go.” Sucking in a harsh vent, he pulled his temper in, the only sing of his previous anger being a soft growl emanating from his engine. 

Frag do Ah not wanna let this go. But Ah will. Cause… Cause ya asked.”

Bluestreak’s “I wanna fuck that” List


  • Ironhide
  • Astrotrain
  • Smokescreen
  • Jazz
  • Alternates~
  • Twins
  • Blaster
  • Soundwave
  • Everyone, he wants to fuck everyone.

Kid, ya best watch yerself.


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The Autobots watch you from the bushes.


my sexuality is optimus prime’s voice. and his hips. and his shoulders. and well, every thing about optimus prime is my sexuality actually.


The most important .gif

Ah wanna watch this movie now.

Sideswipe, m'hearin' some comm chatter. Ya doin' alright?



"I…. Ia. Ha ha. I’m just… just fine and dandy and….”





That particular tone of voice seemed to have activated Sideswipe’s soldier instincts.

Particularly the one’s honed in during basic training: shut up, and wait for orders.

So lacking the energy to do much else he complies, and sits next to the old mech in the offered spot.

Although he continues to stare resolutely at his lap, looking pathetic and morose. Or pathetically morose.

All of the above probably.

He narrows his optics. 

Kid was acting down right pitiful. Ironhide couldn’t recall the last time he’d been distraught over a lover. Too long since he’d taken one. Good couple centuries at the least. Not that he didn’t see where the young ‘bot’s hurt was coming from, or that he couldn’t

Eugh. Empathize. 

Unfortunately he can’t order the frontliner to tell him his troubles. Well, he can, but it doesn’t sit right with the weapons specialist. 

The seeker issue is a personal one. Really none of his business. But a soldier with tears in his optics can’t see a charging pistol five feet away from his face plate. 

Matters of the spark make a mech distracted, careless, vulnerable.

Something a soldier at war can’t afford to be.

He breaks the silence, gruff voice low. 

"Ya gonna talk, kid, or are ya gonna sit here feelin’ sorry fer yerself all night?"

Not the most tactful approach. Good thing he isn’t a tactician then.

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